Wintraday 1.0: Wintraday, a market data display software program designed for investors.

Wintraday 1.0

intraday is available for Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP. It is also offered for free download, with a 15-minute delay on current data Aside from Wintraday for individual investors, there is also Customized Wintraday, providing corporate financial information to individual investors. For online marketing, there is Customized Wintraday for major companies that want to target individual investors. Wintraday is now available for

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Historical Quotes Downloader 2.01: Download daily historical quotes of stocks and indices for US and international

Historical Quotes Downloader 2.01

This stock traders software download end of day historical stocks or indices quotes traded in US or Canada. It produces data output in a customizable ASCII format which is compatible with the most spreadsheet and charting / technical analysis software packages like MetaStock, Omega TradeStation, Microsoft Excel and others. NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX exchanges data is available. Excellent tool if you need intraday or EOD data for stock research.

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Quotes4u - download historical stock quotes 4.2.9: Quotes4u downloads free stock quotes and exports the data into 11 different form

Quotes4u - download historical stock quotes 4.2.9

historical, end-of-day and intraday data. Historical stock quotes for over 200,000 symbols and from over 50 international exchanges. Downloads up to 6,000 symbols per minute by using multiple quote requests. Downloads, converts and passes the data into your TA-software in just one click. Displays full names, thus no more unrecognizable symbols or codes. Automatically connecting, downloading and disconnecting for analogue modem users. Data support

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HSQuote Stock Quote Downloader 1.90: Downloads free historical end-of-day stock quotes on major exchanges world-wide

HSQuote Stock Quote Downloader 1.90

data sources between MetaStock and Excel and almost any text formats. - Collect Options-Chain, Fundamental and Dividend data. - Auto-download Yahoo tickers. - Quick to set up. Easy to use. Almost no learning time. Design for usability. - Option to download daily, weekly, monthly, intraday(US) data, or 20-min delayed data. Alert if no newer data is available yet. Interface with Medved QuoteTracker to get real-time and intraday data. - Multiple download

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Stock Quotes Pro 1.37: Download historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds.

Stock Quotes Pro 1.37

historical quotes downloader for stock quotes and indices. Stock Quotes Pro is a software utility that allows you instantly download end-of-day historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds publicly traded in US, Canada and international markets. It produces quotes output in a customizable ASCII format which makes historical stock quotes data compatible with most spreadsheet, charting and technical analysis software packages like MetaStock

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TinyTrader 1.0.2: TinyTrader - Tools for the small and tiny trader

TinyTrader 1.0.2

TINYTRADER is a trading software and portfolio manager that downloads stock quotes and charts from Yahoo! Financial web sites. The program can download intraday, end of day and historical quotes of every ticker managed by Yahoo! Financial web sites (stock, bonds, mutual funds, ETF, currency exchange rates, etc.), with automatic currency conversion. The exported data is compatible with Metastock and most charting and technical analysis software.

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Personal Stock Streamer 9.8.8: Real-time Stock Tracking with Technical Charts, Trading, and Collaboration

Personal Stock Streamer 9.8.8

With Personal Stock Streamer, the active investor can track stocks in real-time; get live intraday and historical charts with technical analysis; trade stocks, options, mutual funds, and ETFs; calculate portfolio gains; produce capital gains reports; send live alerts to mobile phones & email; export to Excel(tm), Metastock(tm), Quicken(tm); collaborate with groups in real time; all free with supported brokerage accounts.

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MLDownloader 7.1: MLDownloader downloads intraday,EOD,historical stock quotes, Options and Futures

MLDownloader 7.1

Data is compatible with Insider TA, Wealth-Lab, TradeStation, Elliot Wave Analyzer, WallStreet, SuperChart 4, Omni Trader and all the other industry favorites. A one-time fee of €59.95 qualifies any and all to reliable, split adjusted, historical and recent EOD quotes from 1990 to date. (Depending upon the security the amount of historical data could extend back for more than 30 years!) Cut your costs! No more monthly bills from your data provider

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Data Masking Suite 1.42: Easily mask sensitive data and create test-data before giving it away.

Data Masking Suite 1.42

Data Masking Suite. Most business departments use our software without requiring the assistance of their IT department. Data Masking Suite supports many different data sources like MS Excel or CSV files, MS Access or MS SharePoint lists. You can also access any ODBC data source like MS SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and more. Data Masking Suite can overwrite existing data or can insert the masked data into a separate new table or file. Data Masking

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Personal Stock Monitor GOLD 9.3.5: Quickly Research, Track, Chart & Trade Stock Market Securities.

Personal Stock Monitor GOLD 9.3.5

Personal Stock Monitor Gold enables the active investor to quickly research, track, chart, and trade stock market securities including stocks, bonds, ETFs, options and mutual funds. It features: technical analysis, intraday and historical charts, watchlists, a transaction register, live trading for US securities, lot by lot per-tick gain/loss calculator, capital gains reports, alerts to mobile phones, live feeds to MS Excel(tm) and much more!

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